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So this article will be a tutorial on how to make your data tell a story applied to PUBG mobile dataset, I love PUBG and play it every day with my nieces who actually taught me how to play! And when I found this dataset on Kaggle, I was so happy because I had the domain knowledge that’d allow me to guess and check if these guesses are supported by the data provided.

It’s been a while since I last posted an article so I wanted to get back with a topic I once made a whole session about for my colleagues and from their feedback I felt I should post about it to refresh my info and document it!

classification decision boundary

So in this piece, I’ll talk about classifiers and how to evaluate them to make sure that your metric reflects the model's actual performance.

1- What is classification?

Classification is a supervised learning technique where the target variable is a discrete value, in other words, the model predicts a label, not a continuous value. For example, the…

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A new tutorial on building stories with data analysis and visualization using the Gender Recognition by Voice dataset from Kaggle.

By now you already know that I like asking questions to draw stories when performing analysis, I find this a really fun thing that people who don’t like to work with data a lot can do to and it also gives me more sense of the data and better ideas for feature engineering.

This was a task from my training with SureStart that I really enjoyed so I tried to do as much EDA as I could. In this article…

Today I wanted to be more on the technical side in the core of Machine learning and data science which is Data.

Without data, Machine learning, data science, and all these fields wouldn’t exist, in fact, these fields are popular now because we have huge amounts of data being generated daily, a fun fact is for some use cases there’s still no enough data.

So what is a dataset?

A data set is a collection of data, which can be in the form of a table consisting of columns and rows where columns are features and rows are observations, Image…

Hello everyone in my first ever medium article, It’s not my first time to blog but it’s the first time to blog with my name ;), I wanted the first article to be a kick-off, not technically heavy, just a chat.

First I want to introduce myself as well as my background,

I’m a senior computer engineering student who’s currently into Machine learning engineering and data science, I like writing, learning, music and volunteering but my LOVE is to know everything about everything, I also like cultures and thinking about human behaviors, opinions, and actions.

When I was in the…

Nouran Ali

Aspiring data scientist, I love writing and creating projects with an impact.

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